All Out Ultra Clear Refill Saver (270ml, Pack of 6)

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Size does matter! Even a tiny mosquito can cause havoc in your life and stop you from realizing your dreams. Mosquitoes are those tiny uninvited pesterers that drive you crazy by invading your home and garden during those moments you share with your family and friends. They don’t just create a whining noise but also leave your skin red and itchy if you let them bite you. These mosquitoes also carry a lot of dangerous disease-causing bacteria.

When the sight of swarming mosquitoes is just enough to ruin your good night’s sleep, enjoy a little peace of mind with the All Out Ultra refill saver pack. It has an advanced knockdown formula that kills dreadful mosquitoes that might bring with them diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya. By seeking them out from their hidden spots and killing them, it leaves your sleeping environment clean and peaceful. This refill pack is designed to fit all liquid-vapourising machines. All you need to do is simply screw the refill into the machine in upright position and let the formula do its job! The sturdy can with attached spray head makes it easy to use.

Most advanced knockdown formula
Fits all all out machines
Package Contents: 6-Pipece Refill (6 x 45ml)
Care Instructions: Inflammable, keep in cool dry place away from heat and open flame, keep out of reach of children


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