Amazon India Affiliate Program

The Amazon affiliate program India is one of the first, go-to affiliate programs for most beginner affiliate marketers in India. This is because Amazon India is a globally renowned and most customer-friendly online brand with an exhaustive range of products and services on offer. Joining the Amazon affiliate marketing program India and promoting it through Cuelinks is extremely simple and easy with the one-time JavaScript installation code, Cuewords, Cuewidgets and Cuelinks referral program. You can earn maximum Amazon affiliate commission in India on men’s apparels, shoes, watches, eBooks etc.


Foodpanda Affiliate Program

Since 2013, millions of users have ordered food online with us, helping us grow and to become better to the point of offering food online from thousands of restaurants across India. We still uphold the same motto “making online food ordering fast and easy”. Our service allows you to find all of the restaurants available nearby, which can deliver to your house.


Myntra Affiliate Program

Now a part of Flipkart, Myntra is one of the topmost fashion e-tailers in India, with a huge range of latest fashion apparels and fashion accessories for men, women and kids, and home & lifestyle products. While it is easy to buy uber fashion from Myntra, it is just as easy to make money out of it. How? Simple! Just install the Cuelinks JavaScript code in your website footer and join the Myntra affiliate program by adding some truly relevant Myntra links in your content. Voila! The Cuelinks Myntra affiliate program is much better than any Myntra direct affiliate program, because here you are automatically signed up for all merchants affiliate programs available with just one account and code. So, take a look at the various Myntra affiliate commission rates available with Cuelinks, read through the guidelines and start monetizing your content effortlessly!


Bigbasket Affiliate Program

Big Basket is India’s leading online grocery store delivering almost everything from fruits, vegetables to meat, packaged foods, toothpastes, liquid soaps and other home and kitchen essentials. If you have a blog or site that talks about food, cooking, or running a household then the Big Basket affiliate program is for you. It’s uncomplicated, advantageous and free. All you have to do to earn money through the Big Basket affiliate marketing program is to place affiliate links of the grocery store or any of its products on your site. If anyone purchases something on Big Basket by clicking on your links, you get the Big Basket affiliate commission on it. Here you have a choice of promoting over 18000 products and more than 1000 brands, and thus you get great Big Basket affiliate commission rates on different categories. You can promote the Big Basket affiliate program on your website through text links, banner ads, emails, deals, coupons and cashback offers.


Dominos Affiliate Program

One of India’s best pizza restaurants, Dominos has been delivering lip-smacking pizzas, and a host of other side orders like breads, pastas, dips, desserts, beverages and more. They also offer excellent quality, first-class service, affordable prices and guaranteed timely delivery. Thus, it is little wonder that online orders for pizzas have increased by over 170% lately. And that makes the Dominos affiliate program a great source of steady income for food bloggers and food ordering websites. So join the Dominos affiliate program offered by Cuelinks now, which offers you guaranteed highest commissions, timely payments, accurate reports and experienced account managers to make your job easier. With Cuelinks, you also get to compare the Dominos affiliate commission with other programs like Pizza Hut affiliate program or Papa Jhon’s affiliate program, and choose the one which offers you the best returns through your content.

Freshmenu Affiliate Program

When we say good, we don’t just mean good food. We also mean the goodness that good food leads to. Good memories, a good temper, a good day, a good burp. And we know that when our food leaves our kitchens, we’re creating all that. It’s rewarding, this belief in good. Now take a look at how we go about it.

Swiggy Affiliate Program

Swiggy is one of India’s fastest food delivery services. With its no minimum order policy, live order tracking and super-fast delivery; it has really made ordering food amazingly smooth and swift. On the other hand, Cuelinks has made it equally effortless to earn money through the Swiggy affiliate program. All you need to do is sign up and get your website or blog approved. Then you can add the Cuelinks JavaScript code to your website footer or install the Cuelinks WordPress plugin which will automatically convert all Swiggy links in your content into Swiggy affiliate marketing links. There are also other Cuelinks tools like the Chrome extension, Cuewidgets, Cuewords which make it easier to promote Swiggy affiliate program through your online property. While Cuelinks takes care of all the reporting, management and payments; you only need to concentrate on your content and figure out how to make to most Swiggy affiliate commission from it.


Jabong Affiliate Program

The Jabong affiliate program is one of India’s best fashion affiliate programs offering publishers a wide selection of products to promote. Be it fashion or sports apparels, shoes, bags, belts, or other fashion accessories for men, women and kids; Jabong offers everything and thus the Jabong affiliate program offers you a wealth of opportunities to host affiliate links in your content and earn some great Jabong affiliate commission. Other advantage of partnering with Jabong for your affiliate marketing campaign is that the Jabong affiliate program lends itself well to all kinds of content aimed at a varied audience, be it youngsters or adults, men or women, western fashionistas or Indian et al. If you want to be a part of the Jabong affiliate marketing program, the easiest way is to sign up with Cuelinks and embed the JavaScript code in your site or integrate it on your app. Then you just have to use Jabong affiliate marketing links in your content whenever needed to promote it. With Cuelinks, you can also maximize your revenue by comparing the Jabong affiliate commission rate with that of other fashion affiliate programs before using affiliate links of the same products.



Tata Cliq Affiliate Program

The Tata Cliq affiliate program is for online publishers and website owners who want to make the most of their viewer base. While your users and readers can benefit from Tata Cliq’s vast range of products and services, you can profit from the great Tata Cliq affiliate commissions offered on various categories. When you join the Tata Cliq affiliate program through Cuelinks, you get timely updates on when the next big sale on Tata Cliq will be held so that you can make the most of it. Cuelinks also shares with you the exclusive deals and discounts before they go live so that you can promote Tata Cliq affiliate marketing links at the right time and stand chances to earn more during sale days.